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On this page, you can follow the main stages of The Farmer Case. This climate action pits a farmer, Hugues Falys, against a fossil fuel giant, TotalEnergies. It is a groundbreaking case in Belgium! If you wish to keep up to date with the latest developments in this action, you have come to the right place! 

The court has set 16 April 2024 as the date for the introductory hearing. This is an opportunity for both parties to agree on the timeline for the legal proceedings (exchange of pleadings, hearings, etc.).

April 2024

%TheFarmerCase - Un fermier attaque un géant de l'industrie fossile en justice pour sa responsabilité dans le dérèglement climatique. %

On the 13th of March, the summons was filed with the Commercial Court of Tournai. This marked the official launch of the climate action. Hugues and the three organisations marked the day with a press conference on the courthouse steps.

March 2024

After months of hard work, The Farmer Case’s lawyers finalised the summons and sent it to the Commercial Court of Tournai. A few days later, it was served at TotalEnergies’ headquarter office in France. 

March 2024

Two other Belgian organisations embarked on this climate project alongside Hugues Falys and the Ligue des droits humains. For FIAN Belgium Belgium, which defends the right to food and food sovereignty, and Greenpeace, which defends the environment and climate justice, taking part in this action was a matter of course and will help to broaden its scope. Hugues and the three organisations relied on the Progress Lawyers Network to take the case to court. 

Mars 2023

The origins of this climate action lie in a meeting between Hugues Falys, a pioneer in the transition to sustainable agriculture, and the Ligue des droits humains. Together, they planned a climate action against a multinational fossil fuel company.

The driving force behind their action is to use the lever of justice to make these companies take responsibility for the consequences of their activities and play a real part in the green and just transition.

April 2022

In 2019, the Ligue des droits humains created a new commission dedicated to the environment, aware that human rights issues are intimately linked to those concerning the environment and climate.