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%TheFarmerCase - Un fermier attaque un géant de l'industrie fossile en justice pour sa responsabilité dans le dérèglement climatique. %

Hugues needs your support in his action against TotalEnergies ! 

This Belgian farmer has decided to take legal action against a fossil fuel giant because the climate change that is being massively fuelled by TotalEnergies is having a real impact on his farm, but also on other farmers in Belgium and elsewhere in the world. 

With a net profit of nearly 20 billion euros in 2023, we believe that the company must contribute to the transition and face up to its responsibilities. It is no longer tolerable for TotalEnergies to be able to continue its activities without restraint while respecting neither the environment nor human rights. 

Faced with this unjust situation, Hugues and the 3 organisations supporting him have decided to take action – but we can only do so with your help

Support the first climate case against a multinational company in Belgium.

Together we will get justice!
Thank you.

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